Guideline for Grant to Organize Capacity Building Programme

for Social Science Faculty Members 


1.1 The Objective and Nature of the Course

The objective of the course is to develop research capabilities among young faculty in Social Sciences. Specifically, the objectives are to:

• Develop capacity for conceptualizing and writing research proposals;
• Enhance skills to prepare an appropriate research design, including conducting an overview of literature, formulating research questions and hypotheses, collection of information and analysis;
• Enhance capacity for writing a research paper for publication;
• Develop capacity for planning and writing a book; 
• Develop capacity for writing grant applications.

1.2 Course Outline: 
• The course will be designed in a modular format with an emphasis on interactive sessions, exercises and a discussion of sample research papers/outlines prepared by the participants during the training. The aim is to give participants hands-on experience in understanding and implementing research methodologies. The degree and nature of specialization of the Courses will be decided by the Course Director.

1.3 Duration of the Course and Number of Participants

• The duration of the course can be for two to three weeks (10-15 working days). 

• The total number of participants should upto a maximum of thirty.

1.4 For a course under a Special Component Plan there should be more than 50% of participants from SC/ST category. However, in case of non- availability of SC/ST participants the quorum to run the programme should be 1/4th of the total participants from the SC/ST category.

2. Eligibility 

2.1 Eligible Institutions/ Organizations:

The organizing institution, to which the grant shall be released, should be from either of the following categories: 

a) a publicly funded universities recognized by the UGC, 
b) a public funded research institutes or ICSSR institutes and
c) a social science discipline based Association which fulfil the following criteria: 
(i) Life membership of at least 200 members.
(ii) Registration and audited statement of account for the last three years. 

2.2 Eligibility Criteria for Course Directors

The Director should be a person of the rank of Professor/Associate Professor in disciplines relating to the social sciences and humanities and he or she must have a distinguished publication record. The Co-Director of the course shall be a person of the rank of Associate/Assistant Professor and must also have published at least two articles in journals.

The Director or Co-Director of the course should preferably be a woman.

Under the Special Component Plan course, generally meant for SC/ST faculty members, the course must have either the Director or the Co-Director a person from the SC/ST community. For a course under the Special Component plan the Co- Director of the course may be of the rank of Assistant Professor.

2.3 Criteria for the Selection of Participants 

The course will be open to all faculty members of social science disciplines in research institutions, colleges and university postgraduate departments. Participants should have a minimum of a post-graduate degree. 

An applicant must show evidence of his research aptitude and he/she should submit his/her academic details in a proforma to be prescribed by the ICSSR including his academic plan to engage in research and publication after undertaking the course.

A person engaged in teaching and research in rural areas will be preferred. At least 33% of the participants should be women. Applicant belonging to SC/STs, OBCs and minorities should be given preference. Person with disabilities should also be given preference. ICSSR should develop a proforma for applicants, which in addition to asking for all educational and work experience details and publication experience, will ask for the following: (a) 400-word write-up on the research and publication plan after the workshop, (b) 400-word write-up on any book/research report/article that he/she has read in the past year and (c) 200-word write-up on how research engagement will influence his teaching and engagement with the students.

2.4 Resource Persons 

The Resource Persons selected for the course should have the requisite academic background and have the necessary expertise in the areas concerned. 

A resource person should be invited at least for three sessions (each session having duration of 90 minutes). 

A local resource person must have sufficient experience in conducting a research methodology course or have sufficient exposure to the different aspects of research and paper writing.

3. How to apply

3.1 Applications are invited through advertisements in the Website of the ICSSR and are received by the ICSSR throughout the year. There is no last date for applying. 

3.2 All applications for organizing a Capacity Building Workshop have to be made on the prescribed Application Form, as attached to these guidelines, along with all the following annexures/enclosures:-

                         Enclosure-I a concept note, including the objectives of the course 
                         Enclosure -II Tentative Programme Schedule 
                         Enclosure -III Brief Academic CV of the Course Director and Co-Director if any,
                         Enclosure -IV Duly Attested SC/ST/Disability certificate, if applicable 
                         Enclosure -V List of Resource Persons (Experts) 

       a. Outstation Resource Persons [link for a list]
       b. Local Resource Persons 

3.3 All application forms have to be submitted in hard copy. A soft copy should also be submitted through e-mail at or online as the case may be. The application along with proposal should be duly forwarded on the prescribed format with signatures and seal of the Head of the Institution where the grant is to be financially administered, should be mailed to: TCB Division, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi 110067.

3.4 Incomplete applications and those not duly forwarded shall not be considered for grant.

4. Procedure of Awarding the Grant

4.1 Applications are received by the Council throughout the year. All applications are examined by an Expert Committee on Training and Capacity Building Committee 
(TCB) quarterly. The Course Directors are requested to submit the application form at least three months in advance.

4.2 The decision of the Committee is recommended to the Council for approval.

4.3 The grant will be released in two installments. The 1st Installment will be 90 percent and 2nd and final installment of 10 percent will be released upon receipt of final report, audited statement and utilization certificate in GFR 19 A form.

4.4 The recipients of this grant may apply again after a gap of one year, except in the cases of ICSSR institutes/Regional Centres, who may apply every year.

5. Conditions of the Grant 

5.1 Budget may be prepared as per the broad guideline enclosed (Annexure I ).

5.2 The maximum grant is Rs. 9,40,000. Every attempt should be made to contain costs. Since a fair number of participants in most workshops will be local participants we visualize a considerable saving of costs in travel and boarding/lodging.

6 Monitoring and Evaluation

6.1 In addition, all resource persons shall be requested to reflect on the participants' motivation level and the overall management of the workshop. 

6.2 The ICSSR may depute an Officer/Observer to oversee the quality of the Training programme. 

6.3 There will be evaluation of the workshop by the participant. A proforma for evaluation is attached (Annexure II ).

6.4 The Council reserves the right to send an Observer to the training Course, who’s TA and the local hospitality, would be borne by the organizer.

6.5 The Course Director is expected, after a year, to follow up with the participants to assess if any of them have embarked on a research project or have prepared an article for publication.

6.6 One year after the programme is completed; an ICSSR committee will assess its impact and recommend changes, if any, in the structure of the workshop.

6.7 Besides, at the end of the 12th Plan there will be an overall evaluation of all the capacity building programs undertaken. An impact analysis of the workshops will be undertaken.

6.8 Course Director Report: Upon completion the course director will submit the following:

                a. Final report including observations/recommendations by the Resource Persons;
                b. Course Outlines
                c. One set of Resource Materials
                d. Summary of Evaluation by the participants and 
                e. An Audited statement of accounts and Utilization certificate in GFR-19 A form for the entire sanctioned amount. 

6.8 Certificate to participants

Certificate to the participants with ICSSR Name and Logo has to be issued by the Organizing institute.

7. Obligations of the Forwarding Institution 

7.1 The forwarding institution, where the proposed Course is to be located, has to provide, in the prescribed format contained in the Application Form, an undertaking to administer and manage the ICSSR grant and provide logistical support for the Course.

7.2 The Institute hosting the workshop should provide overall management and facilities such as lodging, canteens, and venue management of the workshop.

7.3 Such institution will be under obligation to ensure submission of the final report 
and an Audited Statement of Accounts and Utilization Certificate (in the prescribed form GFR 19-A), duly certified by a chartered accountant, for the entire expenditure incurred.

7.4 The Director of the course shall be responsible for the overall management and timely conduct of all the classes and active engagement of the participant during the workshop. The Co-Director will assist the Director in discharging the overall responsibility of conducting the workshop.
7.5 The affiliating Institute & Course Director are expected to give wide publicity to the programme, clearly mentioning that it is an ICSSR Sponsored Training Programme, at least one month in advance at the regional level, through Circulars to the Neighboring Universities/Colleges and by advertising in the local news papers. 

7.6 The affiliating institution shall make all suitable arrangements for organizing the Training Programme successfully. For this an amount of Rs. 10000/- as overhead charges will be released on receipt on the Audited Statement and Utilization certificate in GFR-19 A form for the total sanctioned amount of the grant.

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