Fifth Northern Regional Social Science Congress


Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur




 ICSSR- Northern Regional Centre, New Delhi, in collaboration with Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, is organizing the Fifth Northern Regional Social Science Congress at Udaipur from 24th -26th February 2017.

Important Dates:

Date of Congress: 24th -26th February, 2017
Venue: Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
Last date for submission of abstract (word limit: 300 in PDF format): 7th November 2016
Short list by 30th November 2016
Last date for submission of full-length paper (word limit: 3000-5000): 15thJanuary, 2017

Themes for the Congress

1. Resources, Infrastructure and Social Disparities- This theme will focus on spatial distribution and evaluation of resources in terms of both quality and quantity, infrastructural requirements for sustainable development, and the resultant socio-economic disparities.

2. Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change- This theme will focus on the various developmental processes and their environmental fallouts; climate change as a process and consequence of development; climate change and changing economies.

3. Demographic Change and Rural - Urban linkages- The theme will deal with the trends and patterns of population growth and distribution, emerging challenges, and sustainable rural and urban planning.

4. Economic Policies and Priorities- Processes involved in the making of economic policy in terms of the salience of social science research and the actors involved in a federal structure in the era of globalization. Relative roles of the state vis a vis the market, the efficacy of fiscal policy in contrast to the monetary policy in engineering growth with high potential for employment generation and low inflation to realize the objective of broad-based development.

5. Media, Culture and society- The role of media in different walks of life and its interplay with culture and society will form the substance of this theme.

6. Elections, Party Politics and Local Self Government- The theme will focus on the emerging scenario in the post-Congress polity; contest between national and regional political parties; the functioning of institutions of local self-governance in rural and urban India; interplay between formal and informal/traditional local governance institutions

7. Popular Mobilizations, Movements and Civil Society- In contemporary society people organize and articulate demands and dissent in many different ways. This theme will examine various forms of mobilizations in order to understand how they relate and contribute to the making of a democratic ethos.

8. India and the World – Mutilateralism and Indian foreign policy; India and South Asia; India and East Asia; Diaspora as a factor in Indian foreign policy; India and the west; continuity and change in Indian foreign policy

9. Social, Cultural and Religious Identities- This theme will focus on the challenges which have emerged from social differences and the manner in which state and society have sought to address these challenges; issues of multiculturalism and a plural society
Participation of scholars from the Northern Region—National Capital Territory Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan is solicited. Only selected papers will be presented at the Congress. Paper presenters will be paid 3AC train fare if they are not able to mobilize funds from their parent institution. All participants would be provided local hospitality.

For further details please contact:

Prof. Sanjay Lodha
Department of political Science 
MohanlalSukhadia University
Udaipur-313 001 (Raj)
No (O) :2470597(Ext.3290/3292) 
Prof. Dhruv Raina 
Hony. Director
ICSSR- Northern Regional Centre, 
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Jawaharlal Nehru University, 
New Delhi-110067
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