Guidelines for Award of Grant-In-Aid 

for Professional Associations/ Organisations of Social Scientists including Universities,

 Colleges and Research Institutes for Publication/ Running of their Research Journal(s)

1. General

1.1 The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) provides Grants-in-Aid to professional associations/ organisations of social scientists including universities, colleges and research institutes for publication/ running of their research journal(s). 

1.2 The objective of the grant is to help the professional organisations of social scientists, including universities, colleges and research institutes to improve quality of their journal(s) and also to ensure regularity of their publication.

1.3 The Association/ Organisation applying under the SC/ST category must note that the journals primarily devoted to research on SC/ST related issues shall only be considered for the publication grant.

2. Eligibility for Grant 

2.1 Journals considered for support under this scheme should primarily carry research based publications following professional practices of peer review, citation, referencing etc. Wherever an association/ organisation is bringing out a journal;

2.2 The publisher of the journal may be a university, university department, college, research institute or professional associations/ organisations of social scientists.

2.3 In case of a professional association/ organisation of social scientist; 

       2.3.1 The Association/Organisation should preferably be functioning at the national level.

       2.3.2 In case, it’s a privately funded institution or association of social scientists, it should be registered under Societies of Registration Act, 1860. 

       2.3.3 The Association/Organization as well as its Journal may be from a single discipline of social sciences or may be inter-disciplinary in nature.

       2.3.4 The organisation/association should have a standing of not less than five years.

       2.3.5 The association/organisation should submit their annual report and annual audited accounts for the last three years.

2.4 The journal(s) considered for support should not be less than three years old and should have been published with regular periodicity.

2.5 The ICSSR may consider providing grant-in-aid to the journals being published in 
regional languages and translation thereof.

3. Conditions of the Grant

3.1 . The amount of ad-hoc grant-in-aid shall ordinarily be Rs. 50,000/- to Rs.5,00,000/- per annum per journal.

3.2 . In case, any organisation/ association is running/ publishing more than one journal(s), the limit of such grant-in-aid shouldn’t exceed Rs. 8,00,000/-.

3.3 In case a journal is published through a commercial publisher the institution/organisation/ association shall only be considered eligible for financial support for editorial / processing cost (Net of Revenue/ Royalty) not exceeding Rs. 1,00,000/- per journal with a ceiling of Rs. 2,00,000/- if the institution/ organisation/ association publishes more than one journal.

3.4 In case, any organisation/ association of repute wishes to bring out any ‘special issue’ containing back issues of the journals, separate grant-in-aid may be considered for the same.

3.5 In deciding the actual quantum of assistance the committee will examine the subscription income and publication expenditure of the journal, estimated cost in improving the quality of the journal, as well as, the following parameters:

       3.5.1 Number of issues of the journal published each year.

       3.5.2 Size (no. of pages) of the journal.

       3.5.3 Availability of electronic version.

       3.5.4 Refereeing procedure being followed.

       3.5.5 Journal’s web site.

       3.5.6 Indexation of the journal in India and abroad.

       3.5.7 Minimum library/ Institutional subscription base of 250.

       3.5.8 The journal should be of all India character.

       3.5.9 The journal should be made available at concessional prices to universities and colleges, as well as university and college teachers and research scholars.

3.6 The grant-in-aid shall be given on year to year basis for a period of not more than five years. However, proposals(s) approved by the ‘Advisory Committee of Experts’ beyond five years would be placed before the ‘Research Committee’ for further extension.

3.7 Ten percent (10%) of total grant-in-aid shall be paid as the last instalment at the end of the year after the Audited Statement of Accounts and Utilization Certificate in respect of the entire amount of the sanctioned grant are received.

4. Procedure of the Award

4.1. Each proposal for a grant will be evaluated by an ‘Advisory Committee’ of the Publication and Research Survey Division (PRS) of the ICSSR. The experts in the Committee are expected to examine the Journal’s academic viability, objectives and its suitability for publication etc.

4.2. The Advisory Committee’s recommendation would be communicated to the Council for approval.

5. How to Apply

5.1 All applications for financial grant have to be made on the prescribed application 
form for Award of Grant-in-Aid for Professional Associations/ Organisations of Social Scientists for Publication/ Running of their Research Journal(s) as attached to these guidelines, along with the following annexures and enclosures as required there under:

          Annexure-I Information about the organisation bringing out the journal.

         Annexure-II Brief CV of the Editor of the Journal/ Head of the institute/ organization/association.

         Annexure-III Copies of the last issues of the Journal of the last three years.

         Annexure-IV Audited Accounts of the organisation (including Journal) for the last three years.

         Annexure-V Information required for privately funded Institution/ organization.

         Annexure-VI Sources from which the funds of the Association/Organisation are met (for the last three years). 

         Annexure- VII Self-attested copy of the Contract/ Agreement/ MoU with the publisher (In case the journal is being published by a commercial publisher).

5.2 All application forms on the prescribed format with signatures and seal of the Head of the Institution where the grant is to be financially administered, should be sent to: Publications and Research Survey Division (PRS), Indian Council of Social Science Research, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, JNU Institutional Area, New Delhi- 110067.

5.3. Applications for Grant-in-Aid can be made throughout the year. 

5.4. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the grant. 

6. Utilisation of Grant

The grant for running of the journal should only be utilized for the purpose of publication of journal and not any other cause/ purpose by the association/ organisation.

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