(Ministry of Human Resource Development)
Aruna Asaf Marg, New Delhi 110 067

Inviting Tender Repair/Reconstuction of damaged BoundaryWall&Planters etc. at NASSDOC,35 Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi


The Administrative Officer, ICSSR Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi on behalf of the Council invites Item/ percentage rate bids from the working/Approved/Registered cotractors of Appropriate class of CPWD/MES/Govt. Undertakings in TWO BID system for the following work

Name Of Work: Repair/Reconstuction of damaged BoundaryWall&Planters etc. at NASSDOC,35 Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi

Estimated Amount :                                                Rs.10,08,722 /-

Earnest Money :                                      Rs 20,175/-

Time Allowed :                                       One Month

Cost of Tender Papers :                           Rs 500/-

Sale Of Tender Papers :                           11.00 AM to 4.00 PM on all working days upto 04/01/ 2017

Date & Time of Receipt of :                      06.01.2017 upto 3:00PM
Technical & Financial Bid 

Date & Time of Opening 
Of Financial Bid :                                    To be notified later


(i) The tender document can also be down loaded from the council web site

(ii) Contractors/Vendors who full fill the following requirements shall be eligible to apply & list of such completed works is to be submitted with Technical Bid

(a)The agencies who have executed at least three similar works in the recent past of similar or higher turnover
(Similar works mean works related to building works i/c their upkeep, running&maintenance)

The following may also be NOTED by the Tenderer:-

(a) Cost of tender paper (if down loaded from Internet), Earnest money, Technical Bid, Financial Bid is to be submitted in separate envelopes clearly mentioning Tender cost,Earnest Money, Technical bid & Financial bid on respective envelopes & all these envelopes in one bigger envelope Duly sealed with clearly mentioning the Name of work on the Bigger envelope

(b) Contractor must ensure to quote rate of each items in figure as well as in words.

(c) The Technical bid will be opened first on the due date & time as mentioned above. The time & date of opening of financial bid of contractor qualifying the Technical bid shall be communicated to them later. In the event of rejection of technical bid the financial bid shall stand automatically rejected.

(d) The Council reserves the right to reject any or all the bids without 
assigning any reasons 

(e) Contractor shall include all kinds of liabilities other than statutory taxes while quoting the rates. Contractor will be paid statutory taxes as per government norms.

(f) Any Tenderer/firm who is blacklisted currently or in the recent past by any government department and/ or any criminal case is pending against the firm anywhere in India during last 3 years is debarred from tendering in ICSSR. Concealment of facts shall make the bidder liable for rejection of Bid at any stage when detected. Self-certificate shall have to be furnished by the Tenderer in this regard. It may be noted that ICSSR reserves the right to Terminate the Contract(if the bid results into contract) at any stage If the Self declaration made by the Agency Is found to be False at any stage during the currency of the contract

Administrative Officer



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