(Ministry of Human Resource Development)
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                                                                                                                 Notice Inviting Quotations

  F No.7-11/35/CE/2016-17                                                                                                                                                                                           Dtd. 27 /12/2016    

Sealed Item rate/Percentage rate quotations are hereby invited by the undersigned on behalf of the Council from appropriate&reputed Agencies/firms/companies/sevice providers interested to take up the work as per the details as described in the scope of work and /or the requirements as per the Annexure A to achieve the intended purpose of moderanisation of the existing Lifts. Only the agencies who are well experienced&reputed may submit their bids along with a list of similar works executed in reputed Concerns/Govt Bodies/PSU etc .Along with the necessary documents in support 
The quotation papers can be collected from the o/o the undersigned on all working days between 11.0AM&4.0PM or may be downloaded from the Council website`-
The quotations shall be accepted upto 3.0pm on 16 /1/2017 & shall be opened on the -same day at 3.30pm Name of Work :- Upgradation/Modernisation of Two Nos Lifts of 680.0Kg capacity installed at ICSSR complex, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-67
Estimated Cost :- Rs 16,90,000/- (appx)
Time Allowed :- Three Months
Terms & Conditions:-
1) The work shall be carried out as per CPWD specifications/Relevant Standards in vogue and/or directions of Engineer/Officer in charge
2) All necessary deductions/recoveries shall be effected as per rules
3) The agency/contractor shall keep the council indemnified against claims,damages.proceedings&costs thereof for any mishap suffered by labour, loss to govt property shal be made good by the contractor at his expense
4) The work shall be completed in 90 days as per terms&conditions
5) The end product after modernisation shall be maintained free of cost by the agency for a period of One year after the date of completion & any discrepancy that surfaces during the Maintenance period shall be made good by the agency at his expense
6) The agency/service provider may inspect the existing Lifts before making his Quote
7) For any clarifications ,the prospective bidder may contact o/o the undersigned or the Council Engineer during office hours
8) Water&electricity shall be peovided free of cost by the Council for the execution of work
1)All committee MEMBERS 2) SYSTEM Officer for Uploading 3) Notice Board-ISSR&NASSDOC

Administrative Officer


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