The Objectives of the Programme are:

To provide opportunities to social scientists to engage themselves in full-time research on important themes of their choice or to write books about their research;
To assist young scholars who have the potential and competence for research to work full time on their approved research themes;
To support doctoral students to pursue and complete their research work.
To achieve these objectives, four categories of fellowships are offered /awarded to scholars who are at various levels in their profession: National Fellowships, Senior Fellowships, Post-Doctoral Fellowships & Doctoral Fellowships
National Fellowships are offered to eminent socials scientists, who have made outstanding contribution to research in their respective fields, to enable them to continue their academic work and research. There is no age bar for this category of fellowship.
Senior Fellowships are awarded to social scientists below the age of 68 years, who have done quality research work, publications and papers in professional journals to their credit. Besides, civil servants, journalists and social workers for their academic interests are also considered. 
Post-Doctoral Fellowships are awarded to scholars, below the age of 45years, who have shown significant competence in research work, have completed their Ph.D. at the time of their application and desire to work on approved research themes at institutions of excellence under the guidance of senior social scientists
Doctoral Fellowships are open to doctoral students, preferably below the age of 35 years, who have a Master's degree from a recognized university with a first or second class and are registered for a doctoral degree in social sciences.