1.1 The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) provides grant to the faculty members of social sciences for organizing the above-mentioned programme for Ph.D Students in social sciences. The objective of this course are to develop research capabilities of the young Ph.D scholars and to develop their potential as future researchers.

1.2 The course is designed in a modular format with an emphasis on interactive sessions, exercises and a discussion of sample research papers/outlines written by the participants during the training. The aim is to give participants hands-on experience in preparing them for their Ph.D work. The course is expected to benefit research scholars from all disciplines of social sciences. There is also an option for participants to specialize in either qualitative or quantitative methods.
The broad disciplines within the domain of social sciences are as under:

• Sociology, Social Anthropology, Social Work and Criminology;
• Political Science/Public Administration;
• Economics;
• International Relations;
• Social Geography and Population Studies;
• Commerce and Management;
• Social Psychology;
• Education;
• Social Linguistics and Cultural Studies;
• Law and International Law;
• National Security & Strategic Studies;
• Any other allied subjects in social sciences.

1.3 The sanction of research grant under this programme is exclusively application based or demand driven. However, the ICSSR may advertise to obtain desired applications from the Course Directors. The Course Directors are expected to go through the following Guidelines before submitting the application to the ICSSR.

2. Eligibility for Award

2.1 Eligible Institutions/ Organizations: The organizing institution, to which the grant shall released, should be from either of the following categories: 

(a) a publicly funded universities recognized by the UGC, b) a public funded research institutes or ICSSR institutes and c) a social science discipline based Association which fulfil the following criteria: 
(i) Life membership of at least 200 members.
(ii) Registration and audited statement of account for the last three years. 

2.2 Eligibility for Course Directors 

The Course Directors must be Professor or Associate Professor. However, under Special Component Plan for SC/ST Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. Degree may also apply.

2.3. Eligibility for Participants

2.3.1 Researchers who are pursuing M.Phil/Ph.D. will be eligible to apply. 

2.3.2 The applications of all these candidates should be forwarded by the sponsoring authorities, namely the Institution/ Employer/ Research Supervisors of the candidates concerned.

2.3.3 All the applicants will submit their bio-data, present status of their research work duly recommended by the Supervisor, a copy of the Registration certificate, a synopsis/note on their research work along with their applications. The academic career of the candidate, as well as the recommendations of the supervisors in regard to their competence and motivation should be given due edge.

2.3.4 Scholars will be selected from the neighboring states/catchments area of the course organizing institute.

2.3.5 In SCP scheme, the scholars will be selected mainly from SC/ST category. Subject to vacancies, students from socially deprived sections should be given preference.

2.4 Resource Persons

2.4.1 The course director while selecting the resource persons, shall take care to see that the experts have the requisite academic background and are specialists in the areas concerned. 

2.4.2 An outstation resource person can be invited for up to three sessions (each session having duration of one and half hour) and should preferably be available for interaction with the participants during the rest of the period.

2.4.3 A local resource person must have sufficient experience in teaching a research methodology course or have sufficient exposure to the different aspects of research and paper writing.

3. How to apply

3.1 Applications are invited through advertisements in the Website of the ICSSR and are received by the ICSSR throughout the year. There is no last date for applying. 
3.2 All applications for organizing a Research Methodology Course have to be made on the prescribed Application Form, as attached to these guidelines, along with all the following annexures/enclosures:-
                 Enclosure-I a concept note, including the objectives of the course 
                 Enclosure -II Tentative Programme Schedule 
                 Enclosure -III Brief Academic CV of the Course Director and Co-Director if any,
                 Enclosure -IV Duly Attested SC/ST/Disability certificate, if applicable 
                 Enclosure -V List of Resource Persons (Experts) 
a. Outstation Resource Persons [link for a list]
b. Local Resource Persons 

3.3 All application forms have to be submitted in hard copy. A soft copy should also be submitted through e-mail at or online as the case may be. The application along with proposal should be duly forwarded on the prescribed format with signatures and seal of the Head of the Institution where the grant is to be financially administered, should be mailed to: TCB Division, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi 110067.

3.4 Incomplete applications and those not duly forwarded shall not be considered for grant.

4. Duration of the course/ Number of participants 

The duration of the course will be ten working days. The number of days can be extended subject to budget ceiling. The number of participants in this course may be upto 40 including local participants. No registration fee will be charged for participation. 

5. Procedure of the Grant

5.1 All proposals are to be considered by the Committee on Research Methodology Programme. The meeting of the Committee will be held in the month of April, July, October and January. The Course Directors are requested to submit the application three months in advance.

5.2 The grant will be released in two instalments.

5.3 Incomplete applications will not be entertained by the Council.

5.4 The decision of the Committee will be final.

'5.5 The recipients of the grant/course Director/Department except ICSSR institutes under the schemes may apply after a gap of one year.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

6.1 The ICSSR may depute an Officer/Observer to oversee the quality of the Research Methodology Course. 

6.2 Course Director Report
After the completion of the course, Course Director’s report will be submitted to the ICSSR covering following points along-with the two copies of the course material given to the participants:
a) Introduction
b) Selection of the participants
c) The course content of the resource persons
d) Write up on Practical Sessions/Field Trips, Participant’s opinion etc.
e) Course Director’s recommendations and suggestions, the Course Director will also collect a short note from the participants about their opinion on the academic front, highlights/weaknesses of the course. Their comments and suggestions to improve the programme.
f) The participants are also free to convey their opinion and suggestions to Director (TCB Division) through email:  

6.3 Certificate to participants
At the end of the course certificate to the participants will be issued by the course/programme organizing institute. 

7. Obligations of the Forwarding Institution 

7.1 The institution shall make all suitable arrangements for organizing the training Programme successfully. 

7.2 The Institute & Course Director both will be responsible for vide publicity of the programme at the regional level, through Circulars to the Neighboring Universities/Colleges/ Govt. Planning, Development and Welfare Departments. The advertisement of the programme will be given in local news papers/Regional languages at least one month in advance, clearly mentioning it is an ICSSR Sponsored Training Programme/ Special Component Plan for SC/ST, ICSSR (Govt. of India).

7.3 The course must be advertised at the website of Institute/University.

7.4 Such institution will be under obligation to ensure submission of the Course Director’s report and audited statement of accounts & Utilization Certificate in the format of GRF-19-A. 

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