Announcement of Results of ICSSR Doctoral Fellowships for the Year 2018-19

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Announcement of Results of ICSSR Doctoral Fellowships for the Year 2018-19

ICSSR, hereby announces the ‘LISTS OF PH.D SCHOLARS’ who have been provisionally recommended for award of ICSSR Centrally-Administered Doctoral Fellowships for the Year 2018-19, under the following Doctoral Fellowships schemes:

1. Centrally-Administered Full-time Doctoral Fellowships
2. Centrally-Administered Short-Term Doctoral Fellowships
3. Centrally-Administered Contingency Grant

The recommendation has been made in accordance with the procedure as laid down in the ICSSR Guidelines for Doctoral Fellowship Scheme for the year 2018-19. Further, the ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship Grant’s terms and conditions and monitoring shall also be as per these Guidelines uploaded in the ICSSR website

To join the ICSSR Fellowship you need to agree with the Terms and Conditions and submit the following documents, duly forwarded through the competent authority of the University/Institute/College where you are registered for the Ph.D. within 15 days of the date of the award letter:

  • 1. Joining Report as per the format at Annexure I.
  • 2. Undertaking (on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100) as per the format at Annexure II.
  • 3. Grant-in-aid bill/Pre-receipt bill for the first installment as per the format enclosed at Annexure III.
  • 4. An attested copy of Ph.D. Registration Certificate.
  • 5. Caste Certificate in case of SC/ST/Persons with Disability, if not submitted
  • 6. Details of RTGS as per the format of ICSSR at Annexure IV by the affiliating institution for disbursement of fellowship

After receipt and acceptance of these documents by ICSSR, a formal Sanction Order for the award of the Doctoral Fellowship will be issued and subsequently the Fellowship Grant shall be transferred through RTGS to the concerned Registrar/Director/Principal of the University/Institute/College along with a copy of the sanction marked to you. In case, the awardee does not join within 15 days from the date of issue of this letter, the Application shall be treated as withdrawn. In case of any difficulty in joining, the awardee is required to inform the ICSSR and take its permission for any delay.

The Lists of Awardees of the Centrally-Administered schemes may be seen placed at Annexures in the following manner:

1. Full-Term Doctoral Fellowship awardees in General, SC and ST category at Annexure V, Annexure VI and Annexure VII, respectively.
2. The Short-Term Doctoral Fellowship awardees at Annexure VIII.
3. The Contingency Grant awardees at Annexure IX.

It may be informed, the Award letters to individual recommended candidates have been sent by post and email. Further, another copy of the Award letter has been sent to the competent authority of the concerned affiliating institution viz. Registrar/Director/Principal of the University/Institute/College by post along with an email letter to the concerned supervisor.

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