1.1 The ICSSR, provides total / partial financial assistances for participating in the International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops abroad.


2.1 Financial assistance is provided to Indian social scientists, whose paper has been accepted for presentation in conferences/seminars/workshops organized by institutions abroad who have significant academic credibility.

2.2 Faculty members in universities/colleges recognized by UGC, publicly funded research institutes or ICSSR funded/recognized institutes having a Ph.D will be eligible to apply for the grants.

2.3 Ph.D. scholars in the advanced stage of their research, who fulfil other criteria in these guidelines will also be eligible to apply.

2.4 Scholars, who have been invited to chair a session or have been chosen as conveners and / or rapporteurs of a session, and to attend training, refresher or summer/winter courses are not eligible for such assistance.

2.5 Grants to scholars would be considered only on the basis of submission of their full papers for presentation at international conferences.

2.6 No scholar would be considered eligible, if he/she had received a grant under the scheme within the last Five years.

2.7 Application for poster presentation will not be considered.


3.1 The application for financial assistance under the Scheme are required to be made in the prescribed form for Financial Assistance for participating in the International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops abroad as attached with these guidelines, along with all the following annexures and enclosures as required under the application form:- 

Annexure I : Abstract of proposal for Participation in International Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Abroad
Annexure II : Brief Academic C.V. of applicant
Annexure III: Full length Paper accepted for the Seminar/Conference/ Workshop
Annexure IV : Duly attested SC/ST/PWD certificate, if applicable
Annexure V: Acceptance letter by the organizer with details of organizers.
Annexure VI(a): Format for forwarding of application through the institution concerned.
(b) A statement from scholar clearly specifying the stage of research work duly endorsed by the Ph.D supervisor. 

3.2 All applications have to be submitted in soft copy either through email or online application as the case may be and subsequently a hard copy of the application along with enclosure is also required to be sent, which must be duly forwarded on the prescribed format of the application form with signatures and duly forwarded by the Research Supervisor/Head of the Organization/Institution. 

3.3 Applications for financial assistance under the Scheme are entertained throughout the year. However, it is expected that the applications should be submitted at least three and half months before the due date of the Conference.

3.4 Incomplete applications and those not duly forwarded will not be entertained.


4.1 All completed applications will be evaluated by a Committee of Experts constituted by the ICSSR.

4.2 The Committee members would base their recommendation on their evaluation of the quality of the papers, the nature of the peer review process instituted by the conference organizers, and the nature/quality of the international conference. Where conference organizers had conveyed acceptance of papers only on the basis of abstracts submitted, it was up to the Committee to assess the quality of the papers being submitted.

4.3 In recommending the grant of support, the Committee may give preference to scholars from educationally backward region, scholars who are differently abled or Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and younger research scholars for whom exposure to an international conference is likely to have a stronger beneficial academic impact. There is earmarked component for SC/ST scholars. Established and well known scholars could also be given preference if such participation is likely to have an important impact on an area of knowledge or was otherwise considered important.


5.1 Scholars will be eligible for financial assistance upto 50% of the total cost of visit under this scheme which include air travel, visa fees, travel insurance, internal travel in India as well as maintenance for the period of stay abroad, not exceeding the actual days of conference/seminar plus travel dates, along with the registration fee upto US$200. However, scholars should be encouraged to apply for exemption of registration fee which may be available to scholars from developing countries.

5.2 The scholars from the ICSSR supported research institutes and those belonging to SC/ST, Person with Disability (PWD), Ph.D. students will be considered for full financial assistance as mentioned above, subject to grants received from other sources. 


6.1 The amount sanctioned towards maintenance, internal travel in the country of visit, etc. will be released before commencement of the visit on submission of the copy of passport, visa procured, ticket and an undertaking.

6.2 The expenditure on registration fee, airfare, visa fee, travel insurance, internal travel in India will be released on submission of the boarding pass, attendance certificate, statement of expenditure and a brief report on the Seminar/Conference/ Workshop.

6.3 It will be the scholar's responsibility to make his/her travel arrangements i.e. ticket, visa, foreign exchange permit, etc. 

6.4 On return from the conference/ seminar, the scholar must submit a detailed report providing information on the dates of departure and arrival, contacts made with the scholars at the conference and the experience gained, etc.

6.5 Applications for the second award will be entertained only after a gap of five years period.

6.6 Financial Assistance under the Scheme is available to a scholar only twice, in his/her lifetime.


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