1. General

1.1 Research Programmes are a series of research studies conducted simultaneously or sequentially on themes of critical significance in Social Sciences

1.2 The ICSSR expects that these research programmes will develop new understanding and insight on issues which are likely to make significant contributions to existing scholarship in terms of concept, theory, methodology and research outcomes.

1.3 An institution/group of institutions, individual scholar of eminence or a group of scholars, interested in carrying out a programme of research on themes which are of significant contemporary relevance, and/or are in emerging neglected areas may submit a proposal to the ICSSR. The institution (s) concerned should have the necessary facilities and expertise.

1.4 Given the scale and nature of research under research programme, the ICSSR expects that the research will ordinarily be inter-disciplinary and that researchers from different disciplines will constitute a team. Research teams will ordinarily consist of more than one department/centre/institute. 

1.5 Research Programmes will be for a duration of maximum of three years.

2. Eligibility for Award

Research Proposals for the Programmes will be considered only if,

2.1. Project Directors or Co-Directors of the studies have a proven track record of high quality research as evidenced by past studies, publications and their academic background.

2.2. It is expected that the Project Director will not be below the rank of Associate Professor and the Director/Co-Director will have a Ph.D. degree.

2.3. Ordinarily these studies will be inter-disciplinary, inter departmental or inter- institutional. However, high impact studies which are broad in character but fall within the ambit of a single discipline may also be considered.

2.4. The proposals should be able to demonstrate that the themes of the proposed research are of significant contemporary relevance and /or in emerging and neglected areas of research.

2.5. The study proposal should be submitted/housed in publicly funded Universities or research institutions, ICSSR recognized or funded institutes. However, it will be possible for other Institutions to partner in such research. 

2.6. Separate allocation of Project Grant shall be made for the SC/ST candidates as per allocations made in the ICSSR Plan Grant. 

3. Process of Application & Selection Procedure

3.1 Call for Research Programmes will be made by the ICSSR through its website and through public advertisement(s).

3.2 The selection process of the Programme will be divided into three stages:

3.3 Stage 1 The Applicants will be required to submit the following:

                                       1. Brief Abstract of the proposal in 1500 words.
                                       2. Composition of the Research Team including Director/Co-Directors, Departments and/ or Collaborating Institutions. 
                                       3. CV of all lead researchers, and

                                      4. Institutional profile of institutions through which funding will be sought. Candidates will need to provide profile/certificate to show that the institution through which the project is routed fulfils any one of the criteria mentioned in 2.5.

3.4 Stage 2 Applications successfully screened by a Committee of Experts will be asked to submit a detailed proposal, along with estimated budget and time frame.

3.5 Stage 3 The proposals will be evaluated by a Committee of Experts which may invite shortlisted applications for presentation or interactions. Comments, if any, for revision of proposals will be communicated to the Project Director/Co-Project Directors. The short-listed applicants who are invited for interaction, not more than one per project/programme, will be reimbursed for travel, as per ICSSR norms.

3.6 All application forms have to be submitted in soft copy through e-mail (as intimated in the application form), followed by submission of a hard copy. 

3.7 Applications which are shortlisted for consideration after screening should be duly forwarded on the prescribed format of the application form with signatures and seals of the forwarding institute(s) for the Programme.

4. Duration and Financial Allocation

4.1 Each Research Programme will have an average allocation broadly ranging between Rs.15 to 70 lakh, disbursed in three installments of 40%, 40% and 20% of the grant, the last being released on completion of the study and submission of report.

4.2 The Institute/individual scholar/group of scholars will frame the budget subject to the following broad expenditure sub-heads:

Distribution of Expenditure under the following heads:


Broad Expenditure Heads


Full time Research Staff/Part-time Assistance/Hiring Charges


Fieldwork cost Travel/Logistics/ Boarding/ Source Materials/Software/Data Base etc.


Contingency (5%)


Institutional Overheads (7.5%)

4.3 In case, the research grant is to be administered by more than one participating institution, each institution shall be responsible for maintenance & submission of accounts as per procedure. 

5. Remuneration and Emoluments of Project Staff

5.1 Apart from the research staff, only essential Secretarial core research staff may be employed for the project.

5.2 Such staff could be engaged by the Project Director/Coordinator on a full time or Part-time basis and the duration and consolidated monthly emoluments of their employment may be decided by the project director within the limits of the sanctioned financial allocation under this head. 

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

6.1 Each Research Programme shall have an Advisory Committee constituted by the ICSSR in consultation with the concerned Project Director/Coordinator. 

6.2. This Advisory Committee shall meet annually to monitor and sort out all the details pertaining to administrative, financial and ethical issues in the Research Programmes. 

6.3. The Advisory Committee will review progress of research study.

6.4. Each Advisory Committee has to select a Coordinator

6.5. TA/DA/Sitting fee @ Rs.2,000/- may be paid from the Project grant each time they meet.

6.6. The formal minutes of these Advisory Committee meetings must be accompanied by the Progress Report of the research study.

6.7. Mid Term Appraisal of Research Programme: The ICSSR shall hold an annual review of each research programme through a team of consultants/experts for the purpose. 

6.8. Completion of project output by the Project Director/Co-Project Director(s) will be their responsibility as per the proposal. However, the final study report will be the responsibility of the Project Director.

6.9. The Project Director will be required to submit three copies (two Hard copies and a Soft copy) of the Project Report to the Council on completion of the project 
6.10 The project report will be sent for evaluation to experts and the final instalment will be released only on receipt of satisfactory evaluation.
6.11 All studies funded by ICSSR under research programmes are expected to acknowledge the supportive contribution of ICSSR in all forms of dissemination of findings of the study both in print and on electronic media. 

7. Obligations of the Forwarding Institution(s)

7.1 The forwarding institution (s), where the proposed research programme is to be located and administered has to provide, in the prescribed format contained in the Application Form, an undertaking to administer and manage the ICSSR grant and provide logistical support for the study.

7.2 Such institution (s) will be under obligation to ensure submission of the study report (s) and audited statement of accounts.

7.3 The affiliating institution (s) shall make suitable arrangements for preservation of data such as filled-in schedules, tabulation sheets, manuscripts, report etc, relating to the project.

7.4 The ICSSR reserves the right to demand raw data, or such part of it as may be specified, to be transferred to the ICSSR.

8. Procedural Issues

General Guidelines of the ICSSR for Research Projects and Programmes shall apply for all other matters.


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