A Sponsored Programme is a series of research projects conducted simultaneously or sequentially on themes of significance and priority and is taken up at the instance of ICSSR.




The duration of the programme will ordinarily be three to five years.


Proposal for Sponsored Programme : Formulation, Submission, Scrutiny and Sanction



An institution/group of institutions interested in carrying out a programme of research on a given theme, in which it has necessary facilities and expertise, may submit a proposal thereon to the ICSSR.



The institution shall suggest the name of the Programme Coordinator and other participants in the programme and furnish their curriculum vitae. In addition, it shall provide information about the facilities and other expertise available.




 The Proposal for the sponsored programme should be self-contained and should cover the following points:



The rationale for running a programme in terms of



significance of the theme - academic and social;



research interests of the persons working in the department/institution; and



facilities available.

Detailed phasing of the activities

Brief outlines of specific studies to be carried out.

Financial implication and phase-wise distribution of expenditure under the following heads:



Personnel (the designation and the salary structure to be specified)


Travel (including travel abroad where necessary)


Data Processing






Books, Journals, Photocopies, etc.


Contingency, and


Any Other (to be specified).






The proposal for a sponsored programme may have provision for one or more fellowships with a view to promote interdisciplinary research or inter-institutional collaboration.





The sponsored programme will be supervised by a Coordinator/Coordinating Committee, consisting of members of  academic staff and others (where necessary) nominated by the institution. One of the members of this Committee shall be the Principal Coordinator. The research projects, under the programme, shall be directed by one or more of the members of the coordinating committee. Complete information about the coordinating committee, principal coordinator, and directors of individual projects shall be given in the proposals.



Five copies of the proposal, complete in all respects, should be submitted to the ICSSR.





On receipt of the proposal, the programme shall be placed before the Research Committee for preliminary approval for further processing.


The ICSSR may, after the Research Committee has given its approval for processing the proposal, appoint a team of consultants/visiting committee to discuss the sponsored programme with its Principal Coordinator (and the coordinating committee, if necessary), and submit its report to the ICSSR. On receipt of the report of the team, the ICSSR may sanction or refuse a grant-in-aid for the programme.


Permission to transfer a sponsored programme from one institution to another will not be granted. Prior approval of the ICSSR would be needed for a change of the Principal Coordinator.



The ICSSR would hold an annual review of each sponsored programme through a team of consultants appointed for the purpose.