Research Methodology Course 

   The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) under the above programmes provides grant to the faculty members of social sciences for organizing the above programmes on social science in general or discipline specific. The broad disciplines within the domain of social sciences, would be as under: 
                  (i) Sociology and Social Anthropology; 
                  (ii) Political Science/Public Administration and allied; 
                  (iii) Economics and allied; 
                  (iv) International Studies; 
                  (v) Social Geography and Population Studies; 
                  (vi) Commerce and Management; 
                  (vii) Social Psychology and allied; 
                  (viii) Education and allied; 
                  (ix) Social Linguistics/Socio-Cultural and allied; 
                  (x) Law, International Law and allied; 
                  (xi) National Security & Strategic Studies; 
                  (xii) Any other (specify) 
      Despite the fact that the sanction of research grant under this programme is exclusively application based or demand driven, or ICSSR may advertise to obtain desired applications from the Course Directors. 


Capacity Building Programme 
1.1The Objective and Nature of the Course
The objective of the course is to develop research capabilities among young faculty in Social Sciences. Specifically, the objectives are to:
Develop capacity for conceptualizing and writing research proposals;
Enhance skills to prepare an appropriate research design, including conducting an overview of literature, formulating research questions and hypotheses, collection of information and analysis;
Enhance capacity for writing a research paper for publication;
Develop capacity for planning and writing a book; 
Develop capacity for writing grant applications.

1.2 Course Outline: 
The course will be designed in a modular format with an emphasis on interactive sessions, exercises and a discussion of sample research papers/outlines prepared by the participants during the training. The aim is to give participants hands-on experience in understanding and implementing research methodologies. The degree and nature of specialization of the Courses will be decided by the Course Director.

1.3 Duration of the Course and Number of Participants
The duration of the course can be for two to three weeks (10-15 working days). 
The total number of participants should upto a maximum of thiry.

1.4 For a course under a Special Component Plan there should be more than 50% of participants from SC/ST category. However, in case of non- availability of SC/ST participants the quorum to run the programme should be 1/4th of the total participants from the SC/ST category.