Consultant (Audit) (2 vacancies)

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Expectations from the candidate

The persons required for the position of Consultant Audit will be placed in the Internal Audit wing of the ICSSR for conducting mandatory preaudit of each financial transaction, personnel and service related matters of ICSSR. The Internal Audit wing is also responsible for verifying personal claims such as TA/DA/LTC/Various advances/Pay fixations etc. Apart from that, the Consultant Audit will be required to coordinate with the audit party of CAG for SAR and IAR audits and for preparing replies to the audit para/communication with the ministry and other statutory bodies etc. 


Qualifications and Experience:

a. Retired officials from CAG/Central Secretariat/Ministry of Finance. Govt of India or Autonomous Bodies and Central Universities.

b. The applicant should be well versed with the government accounting procedure, GFR, FR, SR etc.

c. The applicant should also be having working knowledge of computer application and accounting software.


Age Limit: preferably up to 65 years.