Visit of Scholars Under Cultural Exchange Programmes

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1.1 The ICSSR is one of the implementing agencies for the social science component of the Cultural Exchange Programme signed by the Government of India with other countries under agreements.

1.2 The ICSSR not only sponsors Indian social scientists to visit other countries but also entertains foreign scholars under the Exchange Programmes. The purpose of such visits is to enable social scientists to collect research material, deliver lectures, participate in seminars, consult libraries and interact with social scientists.

2.Eligibility for Assistance

2.1 Scholars engaged in social science research who may require visiting any of the country with whom ICSSR has agreements under Cultural Exchange Programmes for collection of research material, consultation and interaction with experts, etc. for their specific research.

2.2 The theme of the research proposal should either be related to that country or a comparative study covering India and the country to be visited.

2.3 Other academic qualifications being equal, preference will be given to:

a. Young Indian Social Scientists, who are faculty members in publicly funded universities/colleges recognized by the UGC, publicly funded research institutes or ICSSR recognized institutes;
b. Scholars who have knowledge of the language of host country;
c. Scholars working on comparative relevant themes;
d. Scholars from SC/ST, Persons with Benchmark Disability categories and backward regions.

3. How to apply

3.1 All applications for financial assistance have to be made on the prescribed application form for Cultural Exchange Programmeas attached with these guidelines, along with all the following annexures and enclosures as required under the application form:-

Annexure I: Abstract of proposal for visits under Cultural Exchange Programme
Annexure II: Brief Academic C.V. of applicant
Annexure III: Full length proposal for which assistance is sought – not exceeding 5000 words. The proposal should contain, formulation of the problem to be studied, spelling out the research questions and objectives, conceptual/theoretical issues and research design.
Annexure IV: Duly attested SC/ST/ Persons with Benchmark Disability certificate, if applicable
Annexure V: Work Plan indicating the names of the persons and institutions one would like to meet/visit along with copies of correspondence already exchanged with them in connection with the research work.
Annexure VI: Format for forwarding of application through the institution concerned.

3.2 All application forms have to be submitted in soft copy either through email or online as the case may be, and subsequently a hard copy of the application along with annexures and enclosure is also required to be sent, which must be duly forwarded on the prescribed format with signatures of the Head of the organization.

3.3 Applications for visits under the Scheme are invited as per the provisions of the agreements with partner organizations in other countries. Applications under this programme, are invited through an open call in the ICSSR Website --

3.4 Incomplete applications and those not duly forwarded shall liable to be considered.

4. Duration and quantum of financial assistance

4.1 The duration of the visit will depend on the terms of reference of MoUs with respective countries.

4.2 The details of financial assistance available under different Exchange Programmes are laid-down in the respective Agreements. However, as per the general principle, ICSSR bears the airfare (to and fro) economy/ excursion, travel insurance, visa fee etc. for the Indian Scholars, while local hospitality, including accommodation, per-diem allowance, internal travel etc. are borne by the host country. Similarly, the ICSSR bears the local hospitality and other expenses for the Foreign Scholars and their airfare is provided by the respective countries.

5. Procedure for award

5.1 Applications are initially scrutinised by the ICSSR Secretariat.

5.2 Thereafter an Expert Committee will select the applications on the basis of the research background of the applicant, quality of the research paper.

5.3 The recommendations of the Expert Committee are then placed before the Research Committee/Council for its final approval.

5.4 The case of selected applicants will be referred to Government of India for obtaining clearance, if required.

5.5 The visit is also subject to the approval by the host country.

6. General conditions

6.1 The scholars will make their own travel arrangements i.e. air ticket(s), visa, etc.

6.2 The expenditure on air travel, visa fee, travel insurance, internal travel in India will be released on submission of original boarding pass, receipts of airfare, travel insurance & international travel in India along with detailed report on the work done on completion of the visit.

6.3 After the visit is completed, the scholar is required to submit:-

(a) A detailed report on the work done on the meeting with scholars, visit to research institutes, libraries and archives, etc.
(b) If any publications either through Monographs/Book brought out from the collection of research material, consultation and interaction with experts, etc., the ICSSR’s funding should be duly acknowledged and a copy of the publication should be sent to the ICSSR.

6.4 If a scholar fails to submit a detailed report on the work done to ICSSR, he/she will not be eligible for support under any of the Schemes of ICSSR in future.

6.5 Applications for the second award will be entertained only after a gap of three years period.

6.6 Financial Assistance under the Scheme is available to a scholar only twice, in his/her lifetime.