Bibliographies on Social science Literature

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Type: Bibliographic

Coverage: It provides ready access to bibliographic details of Journal Articles, Books, Proceedings, Theses and Research Reports on the selective topics from the available resources of NASSDOC.

Readers can consult or obtain photocopy of interested article against a nominal payment.

Note: You will get a downloadable link of your desired bibliography through email, after filling up the form linked below.

  1. Bibliography on  Indo Sri Lankan 
  2. Bibliography on Ease of Doing Business 
  3. Bibliography on Change in Technology and Society 
  4. Bibliography on Journalism and Mass Communication
  5. Bibliography on North East India
  6. Bibliography on E governance and Panchyati Raj
  7. Bibliography on Agrarian Distress, Money Lenders and Farmer Suicide in India
  8. Bibliography on Jammu & Kashmir
  9. Bibliography in Science, Technology and Social Science
  10. Bibliography on terrorism
  11. Bibliography on Environmental Changes
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