Annexure III

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Cost Estimation

The cost of the project is to be estimated in terms of total man-months and the facilities needed. Calculate it under the following headings :

  • Personnel requirement in the format given below (the approved emoluments for project staff are given at the end)
  • Position        No. of Persons         Emoluments         Duration         Amount Required
  • Travel
  • Data Processing
  • Stationery and Printing
  • Equipment (total expenditure should not exceed 5 per cent of the total budget)
  • Books, journals, etc. (expenditure not to exceed 5 per cent of the total budget)
  • Contingency expenses including postage
  • Any other (specify)
  • Overhead charges 5 per cent of the cost (i.e. of the sum of items (i) through (viii), where applicable)
  • Grand total

While preparing budget estimates for the research proposal, the project director should take into account the time, funds, as well as various steps involved in the conduct of the research proposal. The rationale for the allocation of time and money for the various items of budget estimates must be furnished.

Approved Emoluments for Project Staff

Project Director (Retired Scholar only)


Project Director (Employed)


Associate / Joint or Deputy Director

Rs.8000 p.m.

Research Officer / Research Associate

Rs.5000 p.m.

Research Assistant / Research Investigator

Rs.4000 p.m.

Stenographic Assistant

On Contract Basis

Typing Assistant / Computer Operator

on daily wage basis