Annexure V

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Format for Profile of Affiliating Institutions

Name of the Applicant

Details of Registration ( Date and Number):

Thrust of the Institute: (Please tick appropriate column):

  • Social Science Research
  • Telegraphic Address
  • Action Research
  • Development
  • Any other (Please specify)

Action Focus:

  • Specific Geographical Area
  • Specific Community/ Social Group
  • Specific Activity
  • Others (Please specify)

Faculty (Please indicate the number, their qualifications, specialisations and major publications):

  • Professors
  • Readers
  • Lecturers

Infrastructural Facilities:

Building: Owned / Rented

  • If owned, please indicate its area, facilities available such as conference hall, guest house, hostel. no. of staff rooms etc .
  • If rented , please indicate its area, facilities available and the rent paid per month


  • Books
  • Journals
  • Reports


  • No. of computers available and their configuration
  • Details of software packages available

Major activities undertaken during the last five years (Please give details):

  • (a)Seminars
  • (b)Projects
  • (c)Conferences
  • (d)Training

Sources of Funding

S.No. Source Amount Received Year

Research Projects


S.No. Title Project Director Amount Year of Completion Report Submitted


S.No. Title Project Director Amount Likely Date of Completion

(c)Under Consideration

S.No. Title Project Director Amount Details of Funding Agency

Name and Address of the Governing Body Members

Details of Audited Statement of Accounts (Please enclose documents for the last three years)

Whether the institute is recognized by any university/state/central government for training/research purposes?Yes/No ( If yes, please give details)

Details of publications brought out by the institute during the last five years:

Any Other Relevant Information

Signature of the Head of the Institute