Annexure VI

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Bio-Data of the Project Director

Name of the Applicant

Position Held



  • Mailing Address with Pin Code
  • Telegraphic Address
  • Phone No.
  • Office
  • Residence

Permanent Address

  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth


Academic Qualifications

Any other

Degree Subjects University Division/GradeObtained Year of Passing




Any Others

List of Publications (in the last five years)


The No. of Projects Completed by the Applicant so far

S.No. Title of the Project Duration Total Cost Source Statusof Budget of the Support Project*

Research Projects currently being conducted by the applicant.

Was this Proposal submitted to any other funding agency? If so, what was the outcome?

Is this research currently being supported by any other agency or is this application being submitted elsewhere? If so, please give details. Decisions about application to other agencies (including those made after the award of ICSSR grant) should be reported to the ICSSR as soon as available.

S.No. Title of the Project Source of Support Budget Estimate Date of Commencement Probable Date of Completion*

Any other information that you think is relevant for the evaluation of the proposal

* Please indicate whether the report has been published, is to be published, or is still to be completed.