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Promotion of Research in Social Sciences is one of the major activities of ICSSR. Research grants is direct financial support to research projects taken up by social scientists in addition to their normal duties in an honorary capacity. ICSSR provides grants to scholars to conduct research in various fields of social sciences which have a theoretical, conceptual, and methodological or policy orientation on the subject of their choice. The research projects may belong to any of the prescribed social science disciplines or may be interdisciplinary in nature.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

a. to support high quality independent programme of research;

b. to provide opportunities for training of future researchers;

c. to contribute to the development of elaboration of new theoretical or methodological approaches to research;

d. to maintain and sustain varies disciplinary research activities;

e. to foster and promote collaborative, multidisciplinary research activities among researchers in the social sciences;

f. to facilitate communication of research outputs both within and beyond the academic community as well as to provide inputs to administrators and policy makes.

Two categories of Research projects: First, Major and Minor Research Projects and secondly Research Programmes, formerly known as Research Projects Responsive and Research Projects Sponsored respectively. As per the guidelines proposals are invited, scrutinized, processed and awarded every year.

General Guidelines
-- Research Projects
-- Research Programmes

ICSSR invites online applications for Research Projects/Programme once a year, around April-June.  The Call of Applications is given on the ICSSR website and disseminated through its social media channels.