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दक्षिण एशिया में प्रवासियों, शरणार्थियों और स्टेटलेस

Author: Partha S. Ghosh

A comprehensive assessment of the economic, social and cultural impacts of migration within South Asia

This book addresses the concept of migration with the aim of building theory as well as drawing from existing theories to understand South Asian realities. It highlights the less-explored cultural dimensions of migration music, literature, cinema and art thereby extending migration research into the realms of security discourse.

The author explores how ideas migrate along with people and the extent to which the process of transformation and adaptation of these ideas is necessitated by social interactions in the adopted society. Since South Asia is culturally diverse, most migrants need to adapt themselves to unfamiliar social milieus and this juxtaposition finds expression in rich and diverse cultural forms. The book will be indispensable to researchers and scholars of migration studies, South Asia studies, social anthropology and international relations.