International Collaboration

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The International Collaboration Programme of the ICSSR provides an opportunity to both Indian and foreign scholars in the field of social sciences to interact and research. It has been envisaged to promote academic links among the social scientists in India and abroad.  The Council is one of the implementing agencies of the social science component of the Cultural Exchange Agreements (CEPs) and Educational Exchange Programmes (EEPs) signed between the Government of India and the governments of other countries.

A. Financial Assistance for participation in International Seminars/Conferences & Data Collection abroad

Financial assistance is provided to Indian social scientists, who have been invited to contribute and present a paper at conferences abroad.

ICSSR also provides financial assistance to social scientists who intend to visit abroad for the purposes of Data Collection or consulting Archival Material in connection with their research work. This Scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance only for cases where data collection abroad is fully justified in the approved original proposal of the research study under which this assistance is sought.