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  • Fifty years of Indian Council of Social Science Research

    The book endeavours to inform about the history, activities and the people associated with promoting and strengthening all facets of ICSSR, its twenty-four research institute and six regional centres.

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    Author: Braj Bihari Kumar
  • Gender, Power Relations and Child birth

    Gender, Power Relations and Childbirth: Negotiations with Cultural and Biomedical Discourses explores different ways in which women from a resettlement colony mobilize knowledge, resources and support systems in negotiating patriarchal control of their pregnant and birthing bodies. It analyses the way women use plural and often contradictory disRead More

    Author: Aastha Kant
  • Rise of the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives, Dimensions and Challenges

    A new concept of `Indo-Pacific` has entered into the geopolitical discourse and the lexicon of International Relations. There is no unanimity of views on the definition of the emerging concept of Indo-Pacific. Yet, Indo-Pacific region as a new geopolitical concept appears to have come to stay. Three major developments have taken place in recent Read More

    Author: Chintamani Mahapatra
  • ग्रामीण समुदाय में जनसँख्या नियंत्रण एवं नियोजन

    प्रस्तुत शोध 'ग्रामीण समुदाय में जनसंख्या नियंत्रण एवं नियोजन (वाराणसी जनपद के हरहुआ विकासखंड पर आधारित एक समाजशास्रीय अध्ययन  हRead More

    Author: Rajnikant Niraj
  • समकालीन परिदृश्य और प्रभा खेतान के उपन्यास

    'समकालीन परिदृश्य और प्रभा खेतान' में युवा आलोचक रेखा कुर्रे ने प्रभा खेतान के उपन्यासों पर वृहत्तर संदर्भो में विचार किया है। यह पुRead More

    Author: Rekha Kurra
  • Tribal Religion

    Religion is a set of beliefs and practices generally held by an individual and community, involving adherence to codified rituals. Special emphasis of this study is indigenous religion, its organisation and functioning in the traditional and modern context. This anthropological study maps the traditional indigenous religion of the Tanghkul Read More

    Author: Rimai Roy
  • Community Participation, Education and Tribes: Comparisons of States and Community

    This volume examines the concept of community participation in education across states i.e. Andhra Pradesh & Kerala and communities i.e. tribal and non-tribal. Community participation has emerged as the best practice in education to achieve universal enrolment while improving the quality and relevance of teaching and learning. The empirRead More

    Author: V. Srinivasa Rao
  • Indian Paradigm for Social Science Research

    Professor S. R. Bhatt is an eminent philosopher and sanskritist. He has been the Chairman of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Government of India. He was General President of Indian Philosophical Congress and Akhil Bharatiya Darshan Parishad (All India Philosophy Association). He retired as Professor and Head, and Coordinator of UGC SpeRead More

    Author: S R Bhatt
  • Ten Studies in Kashmir: History and Politics

    This volume contains ten studies on various aspects of the current history and politics of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. We have copious literature on the subject and various opinions have been advocated by the historians in the country and outside. The present volume is an addition to the printed fund on Kashmir issue but with some notable siRead More

    Author: Kashinath Pandit
  • Bureaucracy and Development Administration

    The present administrative structure of India has emerged from the British colonial system which was solely concerned with the maintenance of law and order and collection of revenue. After independence, the functions of government underwent a fundamental change. The responsibility of bringing about desired economic and political change in India Read More

    Author: Mouneshwara Srinivasrao