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Rise of the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives, Dimensions and Challenges

Chintamani Mahapatra

Publisher: Pentagon Press

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About the Book

A new concept of `Indo-Pacific` has entered into the geopolitical discourse and the lexicon of International Relations. There is no unanimity of views on the definition of the emerging concept of Indo-Pacific. Yet, Indo-Pacific region as a new geopolitical concept appears to have come to stay. Three major developments have taken place in recent years leading to emergence of the concept of `Indo-Pacific` that does not replace but subsumes the geopolitical construct, hitherto known as the `Asia-Pacific`. The newest development, of course, is the rise of India as an economic powerhouse and influential political actor in world affairs, particularly in Asian affairs. Second most important development is China`s assertive foreign policy and use of military strength to assert its sovereignty on disputed islands in the South China Sea. The third important development is erosion of self-confidence of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) that used to display its image as a triumphant political grouping in a region, despite diversity in terms of political system, economic philosophy, religious beliefs and socio-cultural traditions. The present book is a by-product of two days of intense deliberations among large number of scholars on various issues and challenges faced by the countries of the Indo-Pacific region. The book includes the perspectives of major powers in the Indo-Pacific, analyses critical regional security issues, such as sovereignty issues in South China Sea, the rise of QUAD, role of soft power, challenges to ASEAN centrality and regionalism, and examines the non-traditional security threats, such as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, environmental degradation, drugs trafficking and health hazards.

About the Editor

Prof. Chintamani Mahapatra is currently Rector (Pro-Vice Chancellor) of Jawaharlal Nehru University and Professor of American Studies at the School of International Studies of JNU. He is the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies and the Editor of Indian Foreign Affairs Journal.

Mahapatra has held positions, such as Member, UGC Review Committee, Area Studies Programme; Member, Fellowship Expert Committee, ICSSR; Member, Editorial Board, Strategic Analysis, IDSA; Member, Editorial Board, Diaspora Studies and Member, Committee on Studies, Academy of International Studies, Jalia Millia Islamia. Recently, he was Tagore Chair Professor at Yunnan University of China. He has conducted research in several US Presidential Libraries (Especially Truman Library, Eisenhower Library, John F Kennedy Library and Johnson Library)  and US National Archives in Washington, DC; and British Public Record Office in London. 

Prof. Mahapatra has authored four books, four edited/co-edited volumes, and has contributed chapters to above 30 edited books. He has published above 70 research articles in reputed journals. 

He has been awarded a number of international fellowships, such as Fulbright Fellowship, Commonwealth Fellowship, and Visiting Fellowships to undertake research in the US, UK, Austria, Australia and many other countries. 

He has been a visiting faculty in several UGC-run Academic Staff Colleges, the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of External Affairs, National Defense College, Army War College, Naval War College and the College of Air Warfare. He is also a regular commentator in newspapers and on audio-visual media on international affairs.

Contents of book

1 American Perspective on the Indo-Pacific -- Prof K.P. Vijayalakshmi 

2 Indo-Pacific Region and Japan’s Security Dilemma -- R.S. Yadav 

3 Peace and Stability in the Indian Ocean: An Indian View -- Vivek Mishra 

4 Maritime Tension in Indo-Pacific: Study of the US Approach to Access and Stability in the South China Sea -- Obja Borah Hazarika 

5 China’s Role in Promoting Maritime Stability in the Indo-Pacific -- Huo  Wenle 



6 Unrelenting Challenge to Regional Stability: China’s Push for Control over South China Sea -- Dr.Netajee Abhinandan

7 Rise of QUAD: Perspectives from Member Countries -- Monish Tourangbam 

8 Regional Responses to Quad -- Urbi Das 

9 Language as Soft Power in Indo-Pacific Area: Role of Technology in Promoting Chinese Language -- Liu Jinxiu 

10 ASEAN Centrality in Promoting Harmony and Stability in the Indo-Pacific -- Sachin Tiwari 

11 Regionalism and Evolving Coalition Building in Indo-Pacific Region -- Prerna Chahar 



12 Complex Dynamics of Terrorism in the Indo-Pacific Region -- Souravie Ghimiray 

13 Nuclear Proliferation in the Indo-Pacific:Role of the United States -- Upma Kashyap 

14 Environmental Insecurity in the Indo-Pacific Region: Regional Cooperation and Challenges -- Merieleen Engtipi 

15 Health in Foreign Policy: A Study of the Indo-Pacific Region -- Shantesh K. Singh 

16 Unorganising the ‘Organised’: Drug Trafficking in the Indo-Pacific Region as a Non-Traditional Security Threat -- Sweta Kumari Thakur