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Administration is concerned with performance of services and regulations of inter-group relation in society. It is conceived as the necessary activities of individuals (executive) in an organisation who are charged with ordering, forwarding and facilitating the associated efforts of a group of individuals brought together to realize certain defined purposes and the administration is viewed as `doing of work' or 'getting the work done' by others. The first is the ` Integral' and the second is the ` Managerial' view of the administration.
The Council is poised to assume a dynamic role and is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and competence.The most important requirement in this context is the consolidation of the existing infrastructure in terms of institutional research capabilities and building terms of experts and scholars in several areas of interest. There is also a need to create effective local, regional, national and global linkages between research themes and policy making executive bodies at national and global level. The first major step in this direction would be the networking of the existing physical and intellectual resources.
Administration is also engaged in other important activities, such as, personnel and administrative matters, general administration, planning and budgeting, etc. Administration also advises the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India on the National Social Science Policy.
The Council Administration is playing an important role in strengthening the existing programmes; and activities, in monitoring the performance of various activities; in aggregating the research outcome; and in making knowledge and information available to the users.
There are about 200 employees belonging to different categories in the Council. Category wise details are as follows:

Category Number
A 41
B 41
C 59
D 59
Total 200

The Administration in the ICSSR is engaged in helping and solving the problems of the staff. Pertaining to the service matters; maintaining properly leave records and ACRs, recruitment and promotion; grievances; coordination/ medical with other divisions of the Council; retirement benefits; transport and references from Ministry of Human Resource Development, etc. The administrative works may be considered as a facilitator to the staff to perform their duties smoothly and efficiently. The administration is also responsible for solving the administrative as well as personal and financial problems of the staff. In order to enable the administration to discharge its duties more effectively and efficiently, the following cells have been established;

(a) ICSSR Annual Confidential Report Cell
(b) ICSSR Transport Cell
(c) ICSSR Pension Cell