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1. General

1.1 The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) provides publication grants/financial subsidy to Indian nationals for publication of manuscripts of the research work done in any field of social sciences, subject to the condition of merit of the work.

1.2 Doctoral Thesis: The scholars who have been awarded Ph.D. during the last three years may apply under this scheme. 

1.3 Reports of Research Projects/Fellowships and Papers Presented in Seminars/Symposia/Workshops: The ICSSR may give a grant for publication of such a manuscript, whether its production was financed by the ICSSR or otherwise, if the work is of high quality and needs to be subsidised. 

2. Eligibility for Grant 

2.1 The report/ Ph. Thesis (henceforth, the manuscript) should be of high quality and if the publication of the work needs to be subsidised. 

2.2 The Ph.D. thesis/ manuscripts should not be more than three years old from the date of award of the Ph.D. thesis or acceptance of final 
report of research study.

2.3 The Ph.D. thesis should have been approved by a university based in India or abroad in the field of Social Sciences. 

2.4 The applicant for a thesis publication grant should have published at least one research paper in a reputed research journal.

3. How to Apply

3.1 All applications for financial grant have to be made on the prescribed application form for Award of Publication Grant/Subsidy for Publication of Doctoral Thesis/ Research Report/ Papers presented in Seminars etc. attached with these guidelines, along with all the following annexures and enclosures:

               Annexure-I Abstract of the manuscript. 
               Annexure-II Brief CV of the Applicant.
               Annexure-III A copy of the manuscript (Hardbound).
               Annexure-IV Duly attested caste certificate; if from SC/ST categories.


(i) Original Reprint or Photocopy of a Research paper published in a reputed research journal. 

3.2 The application form alongwith a hard copy of the manuscript and necessary documents should be sent to the Publication and Research Survey Division (PRS), Indian Council of Social Science Research, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, JNU Institutional Area, New Delhi -110067.

3.3 Applications for Publication Grant can be made throughout the year. 

3.4 Incomplete applications will not be considered for publication grant.

4. Procedure of the Award

4.1. Each manuscript will be evaluated by an expert from the subject concerned. The expert is expected to examine the manuscript’s academic viability, objectives and its suitability for publication etc. 

4.2. In cases where the manuscript has already been evaluated / reviewed by expert(s) of repute nominated by outstanding publishers, such reports may be considered by the ICSSR without any additional evaluation by an expert as mentioned in Clause 4.1. 

a. The expert’s recommendation is communicated to the Council for approval. 

5. Conditions of the Grant

5.1 The manuscript should be published within one year from the date of 
award of the Grant.

5.2 The offer for the grant-in-aid will automatically lapse after one year, unless the ICSSR specifically grants an extension on a request made by the author/publishers.

5.3 Under this scheme, the financial assistance at present is of a maximum amount of Rs.50,000/-. The exact amount of grant will be decided as per details submitted in each proposal.

5.4 The manuscript approved for grant- in-aid under this scheme shall be published through a publisher duly approved by the ICSSR. The ICSSR shall maintain a list of approved publishers and it shall be 
open to the grantee to enter into an agreement with any one of the publishers in the approved list. The grant is paid directly to the publisher.

5.5 The publisher is required to print a minimum of 500 copies.

5.6 The grantee has to submit a copy of the Agreement with the publisher 
to the ICSSR for its record .

5.7 The publisher shall pay royalty as per standard protocols and ordinarily not less than 10% of the printed price on actual sales to the author.

5.8 The price of the book shall not exceed five times the net investment (Actual Cost of Production less the Amount of Subsidy sanctioned by the ICSSR) made by the publisher. 

5.9 The grantee has to get prior approval of the ICSSR for any change in the Title or substantive changes in the manuscript.

5.10 The publisher shall submit at least 35 copies of the publication to the ICSSR, free of charge, along with utilization certificate, grant-in-aid bill and authority letter from the author authorizing the publisher to receive the grant directly from the ICSSR. 

5.11 The publications supported under this scheme must include the following information at a prominent place:

 The publication was financially supported by the ICSSR.
 The responsibility for the facts stated, opinions expressed, or conclusions reached, is entirely that of the author and that the ICSSR accepts no responsibility for them. 
 Name of the Consultant who evaluated the research work on behalf of the ICSSR. 

5.12 The publisher should ensure that the final product is of high quality from production point of view.

5.13 The ICSSR reserves the right to remove the name of the publisher from the ICSSR Approved List of Publishers, for not implementing the terms of the Agreement.

5.14 ICSSR may purchase copies of the publications, if required, and the publisher shall give discount (not less than 25%) on such purchases.