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National Social Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC) has a programme of supporting projects which may include research proposals in the field of library and information sciences and compilation of research / reference tools for the social scientists. The project proposals should fall under one of the following categories:

Research in the fields like bibliometric analysis, information seeking behaviour, library users' study etc.

Compilation of users' guide, directory, literature survey with annotated bibliography , union catalogue etc. , meant for locating information on a specific subject / topic of interest.

Normally, projects under this scheme are tenable for two years. The proposals are invited throughout the year. The applicant is required to submit a detailed budget estimate under different heads for the project(Please see annexure I for instructions to applicants).


  • The applicant should have a Ph.D. degree in a social science or related discipline with a degree in library and information science. OR
  • The person should be recognised as a Ph.D. research guide by an Indian university. OR
  • The person should have carried out (or published) research work in social sciences of high academic merit, equivalent to a Ph.D. degree.

The application should include:-

  • Self-contained Research Proposal (see annexure II for Format).
  • Bio-Data (See annexure VI for Format)
  • Cost Estimation (see annexure III for Budget Format and Approved Rates for Project Staff).
  • Consent Letter from the Affiliating institute (see annxeure IV for Format ).
  • Profile of the Affiliating Institutes (seeannxeure V for format).

Procedure for Award

Research project applications are evaluated by experts in the subject. The recommendations of the experts are placed before The Reseacrh committee for final decision. All recommendations are normally subject to approval by the Council.


The Project Director has to get the project affiliated to a reputed institution / university / college of his/her choice (with the approval of the ICSSR) through which the project money will be released.

Release of Grant

The sanctioned grant is normally released to the institute/university in three to six instalments, depending upon the duration of the project. The first instalment (which can be up to 40% of the grant) is released after the approval of the project and after the receipt of acceptance by the Project Director, alongwith a tentative breakup of expenditure for the first phase of the project. Subsequent grants are released on the basis of the receipt of progress reports, including financial statement of the use of the grant. Twenty five percent of the grant (including 7.5% of the overhead charges payable to the affiliating institute) is withheld and is released only after the submission of the Project Report and Audited Statement of Accounts and their approval by the Council.

Progress Report

The Project Director will submit to the ICSSR six monthly progress reports of the project alongwith a certified statement of expenditure actually incurred and an estimate of expenditure for the next quarter / six months in the prescribed form (see annexure VII). The release of subsequent instalment is subject to satisfactory progress of the work.

Final Report

In the final report the Project Director has to submit:

  • (i) Three copies of the project report on completion of the project.
  • (ii)Summary of the Report in 2000 to 5000 words.
  • (iii)Policy implications and findings of the study in not more than 1000 words.
  • (iv)Text of the final report in digital form/CD-ROM

Preservation of Data

The affiliating institution shall make suitable arrangements for preservation of data such as filled in schedules, tabulation sheets etc. related to the project. The Council reserves the right to demand raw data or a part of it as may be specified to be transferred to the Council.